Thursday, March 12, 2009

QuickNote - Our First Widget

We're new, but we've already got a widget ready to go! 

QuickNote is an easy to use sticky-note application that works flawlessly with the aHome home replacement program. It's features include: multiple notes (use as many as you want!), copy & paste functionality, multiple themes, and autosave (never lose a note).  

Here are the current themes.  If you have any ideas for a theme you'd like to see, let us know!

It's only 99¢! Cheers!


1.  You must have aHome Home Replacement or aHome Lite for Quick Note to work.  Once you have one of those installed and Quick Notes downloaded, go to the desktop.

2.  Press and hold your finger on the desktop on a spot with plenty of room.  A menu will appear, go down till you find "Widgets" and press your finger. 

3.  Scroll down till you see "Quick Note" and click on it and it will appear on your desktop!

Common Problems:

1.  You must have an sd card loaded in your phone for theme selection and note saving to work properly!

2.  You must have the LATEST version of aHome for Quick Note to work.

3.  Re-installation sometimes requires restarting your phone to reset aHome for Quick Note to work properly.

4.  To move or delete notes you must LONG press your finger along the top edge of the widget.  It will vibrate then you can drag it around, or press the trash to delete the note.

Please email me at if you continue having issues once you've tried these things.


  1. it would be nice to be able to resize these notes. you can choose by grid size - instead of 2x2 id like 4x4 or 4x2 or 2x4 , also the "i" is ugly and they aren't using those on the widgets anymore [ in the latest builds ] cheers!

  2. need apk for this, unable to locate this in android market... may be the dev phone crap stuff

  3. also, i keep choosing the blue note but i would like that to happen automatically when i make a new note. i would prefer a pink note though.

  4. where is the onsreen keyboard as u say?

  5. can you make it so that it doesnt require ahome?? i'd still pay for it but please make it work without ahome!