Friday, March 20, 2009

QuickTweet - Release & Support Info

QuickTweet has been released for the aHome API!

Attention Twitter users with aHome! You can now update your Twitter status directly from your phone with our new widget, QuickTweet.  Simply enter your username and password once, type your message, and send tweets with a single press.  It's really as simple as that.  

QuickTweet at work:


1.  you must have aHome Home Replacement or aHome Lite for QuickTweet to work.  Once you have once of those installed and Quick Tweet downloaded, go to the desktop.

2.  Press and hold your finger on the desktop on a spot with plent of room.  A menu will appear, go down until you find "Widgets" and press your finger.

3.  Scroll down till you see "QuickTweet" and click on it and it will appear on your home screen!

Common Problems:

1.  You must have an sd card loaded in the phone for QuickTweet to work properly.

2.  If you get the Error "Tweet Not Sent..." 
Possible reasons: 
a. Bad login info
b. Tweet to short/long
c. SD card not being read properly

 Sometimes QuickTweet may have trouble recognizing your sd card upon first installation.  This should be easily fixable by following these steps:

1.  Remove QuickTweet from the home screen.
2.  Turn off your phone!
3.  Remove the sd card completely.
4.  Put the sd card back in.
5.  Turn on your phone and it should be working!



  1. So, will this ever be updated for Cupcake or do I need to find out how to force a refund for a product that was only functional for a short time? ;-)

  2. is this on the android market, cuz im lookin and i dont see it and i really want to tweet from my home screen

  3. I don't like aHome, is there any other way to get this?

  4. Unfortunately, it keeps forgetting my login info.